Looking for Rouge 05' city!

  1. Hi lady's

    do you think that BalNY or AlohaRag might get any shippments of the Rouge 05'? Where can I find this bbag? I would appreciate you help!

    I emailed AlohaRag and I asked for the rouge 05' but he sent me a picture of the rouge 06'?! I don't know if he misunderstood me?:sad:
  2. I found one but the seller is selling it for 1550.00 and I think that is way to much over retail.
  3. Rouge 05 City is hard to come by right now. I think your best bet is ebay.
  4. :wtf: That is just insane! Wait and watch Ebay; one will come up a more reasonable price soon eventually.

    Good luck!!
  5. the rouge 05 is my fav red... hope you find it soon!

    i had one.. but sold mine a long time ago for real cheap!! i miss it heaps.. =)
  6. sorry sweetie, but you won't find the '05 rouge in the retail stores anymore :sad:...that's why they thought you were talking about the new rouge VIF...like the other girls said, your best bet is hope one will pop up on e-bay for a good price :yes:...best of luck to you in your search :tender:
  7. You sold yours?! Do you regret selling it?