Looking for Red patent simple pumps 85mm

  1. Has anyone seen them in Department stores?

    I need the 85 mm ?

  2. I haven't seen them in department stores in the 85mm heel. Barneys carried them in the 100mm heel back in spring and they were marked down at the recent sale but I believe that they are all sold out at this point but still worth calling to see if any returns came in.
    I know that the CL Madison and MPD location have the red patent simples in the 100mm heel. Good luck!
  3. i'd love a pair too! someone posted a picture of the Yoyo's in red grease-paint so maybe they'll make it for the Simple too?
  4. Have you called CL BH? I know they have a simple in red, but i can't remember if the heel was 85 or 100 mm.