Looking for Red Muse- small size

  1. I never liked the Muse at all until I saw it in red. I have been looking for a red bag to finish off my collection of bags. Where can I get one? I can't find it online and for some reason YSL.com is not working. I called BG in NY and they don't have one. Anyone see it around? Thanks!:flowers:

    I am looking for a blue-red, not orange-red.
  2. I called around and guess they don't make red in a small or medium size. JML!
  3. Hmmm... well, I saw a smaller red Muse at Nordstroms at Fashion Valley this past weekend. I have a large Muse and it looked smaller than that one. I don't know about the blue-red versus the orange-red, because I thought they only made one red.
  4. Yes--There is only one red.
  5. I haven't seen a red muse is it like a maroon red?
  6. Are you sure you want the small and not the medium? The small is more of an evening bag.
  7. I was on the waiting list for a red one from Saks this fall-they eventually got it in but I went with another bag.
  8. small one in red must be very cute!
  9. They had a brick red (still on the blue red side) for fall winter in a medium but that was snapped up so quickly. Last I checked, the YSL in Singapore has a darker red in stock in large.

    I personally prefer the brick red but that's a seasonal color. No word on any reds for Spring Summer. But am still crossing my fingers...:yes:
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