Looking for RED med. luxury bowler from 2006

  1. Has anyone seen this in your stores?
    I saw the patent one today at the boutique in SCP, and although it was beautiful it was just too much patent for me.

    please help...:sos:
  2. Bergdorf on 5th ave in NY had this on display as of Saturday. They have the tote style too.:smile:
  3. ^Thanks tod! I'll have to call them first thing tomorrow! :nuts:

    Wish me luck!
  4. BTW, you'd be able to avoid the sales tax if you dont have a BG in your state. Good luck!:jammin:
  5. NM at Tysons Galleria, Mclean VA had one too
  6. saw one at BG today. ask for saskia. it was in great condition.
  7. did you get this in the end ^^?
  8. ^No, I'm too afraid to order it without inspecting it first. So, just accepted the fact that I won't be getting a luxury bowler. :sad: Still on a search for the perfect red chanel bag for me!
  9. As of Last week I saw one at Nordstroms in Canoga CA...ask for Lorie