Looking for red Chanel polish

  1. Can anyone recommend a red polish by Chanel? I have Dazzling and Midnight Red and both have an orange tint. I'm looking for a (non-metallic) blood red polish, similar to the shade of red Nicole Richie is always seen wearing.

    TIA :flowers:

  2. I would recommend Chanel nail polish in fire!
  3. I loved my Chanel nail polish because it was a true red. But OF COURSE, they ended up discontinuing it. Let me save you some trouble, forget "Shanghai Red"'.
  4. 2nd the recommendation for Fire. It's a beautiful red and gorgeous for a pedicure. I'm wearing this now. :smile:
  5. is that like the colour nicole is wearing??
    The colour she's wearing is so nice, a true red!!!

    I've been looking for e true red for a while, will have to have a look for chanel fire!!!! sounds great!!