looking for red chanel jumbo caviar

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  1. i have heard that chanel is making a red classic jumbo in caviar for cruise 08 does anyone know what color red it is exacly im dying for this bag im just not sure what red it is???? can anyone help
  2. did you try a search?
  3. From what I read on the forum...seems to be the 07 red with gold hardware. :smile:
  4. oh...my...god. i hope this rumor is true.
  5. check out the post by KMBS, new intel
  6. LOL! Join the club! I'm patiently waiting for lipstick red too!
    Preferably w/ bijoux chain!
    I loved the patent e/w that came out but was really hoping for medium or jumbo.
  7. me too. waiting patiently.
  8. Wait so it's confirmed that it's going to be a lipstick red? or what does 07 red look like?