*Looking* for Red Caviar Jumbo Flap w/ New Chain ...

  1. I know that this bag is very hard-to-find now, but if anyone knows any boutique or department store in the US that has this, please PM me or post here. Thank you so much in advance!

    This is the Red Caviar Jumbo Flap with the Bijoux (New, silvertone) Chain.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  2. i'm looking for one too. they don't have any on any of the stores in the US. the only way u can get it is from eBay.
  3. it is very difficult to find believe me! i got mine from eBay. good luck on your hunt
  4. I was really hoping to find one in a dept. store or boutique. :sad: Thanks for the help though!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  5. Of all the boutiques/dept. stores in the US, the only one that *might* have one left in their system is NM. I'm certain Chanel boutiques and Saks nationwide sold-out of theirs long time ago; my Saks SA's were just remarking the other day how they're still getting calls about that bag and there's simply nothing to be found in the nationwide Saks inventory under that bag's SKU #....they check every day for clients who call non-stop. So I'd try NM as a last hope. Failing that the only option for that bag would be eBay. Good luck!
  6. Thank you for the info foxycleopatra! The main dept. store that I was calling looking for this bag was Saks, so I guess I should look elsewhere.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  7. yup, saks has no more stock. I asked joseph to help me find one and there is none. For NM, steph also tried to help me but there was any stock a few weeks back. Good luck on your search
  8. jen0575,

    May I know where did you find your dark silver reissue 228? Can you post a pic for me to tak a look?

    Thanks a lot!
  9. Thanks for the info jen0575! I guess I'm probably going to end up buying the Jumbo Caviar flap in another color. I should have acted faster. :sad:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  10. don't give up hope. sometimes bag pops up one way or the other in a store. just keep your eyes open. good luck!
  11. pretty bag!
  12. i dunno why i like the old chain better, good luck on ur search
  13. Thanks guys! I will let you know if I find this bag. But I don't have a lot of hope that I will.

    -Stephanie (pond23)