Looking for red Bag with stunning leatherl!!

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I am looking for a great day to day red Bag with great leather. I am a huge fan of Balenciaga (as my signature probably shows :sweatdrop:) but after buying my HG (seafoam city - babeey) I am off bbags for a while, because of the price.

    I would love a bag in either a red tone that is similar to the Balenciaga Rouge Theatre Balenciaga Rouge Vif or Balenciaga Grenat (all three are pictured below, the second and third pictures are both of Rouge Vif). Brands that are available in Europe would be great as well!!

    Thanks so much for any help you can give me!!

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  2. How about this one from 49 Sq. Miles on The Purse Store.com


  3. [​IMG] I love this bag!! However i'd have to wait till May aand it costs 600 dollars as well...mmhh, although I am very drawn to the bag!! thanks for the suggestsion!!

    [​IMG]I think this might still be a bit light for me, but thanks so much for answering Antonia!!

    please keep 'em coming ladies!!
  4. Anything by Belen Echandia in Fiamma Red.

    I have the BE Love Me in that color and it is fabulous. The leather is excellent quality.
  5. What about a red Choo Mahala or maddy? The Choo leather is soft and the moleskin interior is tdf.

  6. That's a nice bag but I think she's trying to avoid the $1000 purses. I saw a woman at Marshall's with this bag (Choo) and it was TDF!!
  7. I know, but the June Choo sale is only a couple of months away. The poppy bag should be 1/2 off.
  8. love this color with the orange undertones and i ADORE the Jimmy Choo Mahala. This will definitly be considered!!
    At the moment, I have my eyes on a Marc Jacobs...:smile:

  9. Is it the cherry tart color? I have my eye on a Marc Jacobs patchwork bag in cherry tart, but am trying to be good and wait till the sales.
  10. oohh, no that's not the bag i was talking about but could you post a link to it?? i love the sound of "cherry red"!! tia!
  11. Chloe has fabulous leather and deep red!
  12. xxxxxxxxx
  13. thanks! i will check out chloe bags!

    thank you! i love the color but i'm looking for a bag that's a bit more slouchy. god, sorry to be such a pain. THANKS FOR ALL THE INPUT LADIES!!