Looking for racing stripe-type bag

  1. I really like the Mulberry Euston and the Marc Jacobs Hudson bag, but they happen to be $$$. Has anyone seen anything similar (not wanting a knock-off) for less than $500?

  2. Latico makes some nice bags for very reasonable prices. This is the first one I saw that looked similar to what you might be wanting:

    You can check out the rest of their web site at http://www.laticoleathers.com - I don't know if they sell retail from their site, but you can find the brand at specialty boutiques and sometimes on eBay.
  3. if you can find one, marc by marc jacobs did a "kingpin" style for spring that had those details. here's a pic from eBay....can't say for sure if this specific one is authentic, but might be worth calling around to a few MbyMJ stores to see if they still have stock in this style.