LOOKING FOR Quilted Caviar Wallet on Chain in Black!!!

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  1. I've been looking for the classic black caviar/quilted double CC WOC and i can't seem to find it anywhere? Has anyone seen any??! All the boutiques are completely sold out and none of the SA's seem to have a good idea on when a new shipment is arriving. THANKS GUYS!
  2. I've been searching for that bag for a really long time now and have given up. :P My SAs are likewise clueless about when the next shipment will arrive. They do have the lambskin version floating around the boutiques though.
  3. i remember 1 member purchased it from 1 of the NM's not too long ago, but decided to exchange for something else. sorry, i forgot the thread title... will try to search for you guys.
  4. BG had the black WOC with the envelope like front when I was there last weekend. Not sure if that's the classic, I don't know my WOC's. They might have had more, someone wanted to buy one and they were pulling out all the options.
  5. Are you talking about the classic WOC? I saw a NWT one on ebay not so long ago. It's probably cheaper than buying it from a boutique....though obviously I'd recommend that you get it authenticated at the Chanel Authenticate This thread.

    Good luck!
  6. I believe Chanel664314 is referring to the quilted version... not the timeless envelope.
  7. the op of the thread i posted made clear that its a quilted caviar woc w/ silver CC's.
  8. Oops, sorry. I misread your post, sorry about that.

    I have only seen a quilted black in lambskin on bonanzle...I have a metallic black one that is beautiful, caviar is certainly more durable compared to lambskin but in the event you are interested...maybe explore that option? :smile:
  9. hmmmm hard to find one if u r talking about the one with CC hardware in front of it... i always found the lamb but not the caviar though...
  10. The caviar is really hard to find. I asked my SA and she said it's more of a LE item and it'll come in the fall.
  11. ^ Ditto lightdays. I think at this point the department stores are out...make friends with the SA's and they'll notify you when one is returned or when they get a new shipment.
  12. Yeah I hear people do make friends with your SA. Hah, how do you do that?! Do you know?
  13. I am not really friends with any SAs, except maybe the SAs at the Saks near my house...(only in the capacity that if I am looking for something, they are willing to go out of their way to help me find it to the best of their ability or willingness) but I have friends who are bigger buyers compared to me and they've established a good rapport with people they work with regularly. That's what I mean by "friends", obviously I don't think people will start going out to clubs with their SAs anytime soon but I think if you establish some sort of loyalty with an SA they'll be more willing to help you when you need help finding something.

    And then there are those extremely nice SAs out there (I've dealt with some before) who don't know you but will still give you the benefit of the doubt and offer you more help than you can ever expect from a stranger.
  14. Thanks for your help guys! I ended up buying the one in lambskin but will return it shortly if i can find on relatively soon in caviar.