looking for quilted blake & best place to buy?

  1. in searching online for a quilted blake, i found an old webpage for NM.com that had the white one on sale for $840, but it was sold out already (of course).

    so i'm hoping i might be able to find other quilted blakes on sale somewhere else. i've seen a taupe one on eBay that i'm considering, but i'm willing to wait if you think they'll eventually go on sale. i'm looking for the almond one as my first choice (or perhaps whisky).

    i'll be traveling to japan and hawaii this year, if you think those are better places to buy a purse. i live in LA, but i'm not super close to any stores that carry MJ, besides Nordstrom (and i haven't seen any blakes there).

    any advice would be appreciated. thank you! :yes:
  2. I'm not sure if this helps or not, but I am returning my Mouse Quilted Blake to Saks in Denver, CO this weekend. The color just wasn't for me. I think I got mine on sale for $810. I'm not sure if you can do this (or want to) but maybe you can purchase it from Saks at the same sale price.
  3. i guess i'm just behind the (sale) curve, huh? i only recently saw the bag in vegas after christmas, and loved it. it's not even offered on the saks website anymore. i can only find it on NM and BG.com.

    thanks for the info, melly! i'll call around...:yes: i think i'm pretty set on the almond color though, since i wanted a lighter-color bag.
  4. try calling a nearby nords. One of my SA's said if I feel the urge to purchase designer bags from them only, I can peruse their look book and they can order them for me. I too am in the market for a black quilted Blake. While I was looking through her book, I found the quilted blake that she could order for me.
  5. Love quilted blakes! Good luck finding a black one...
  6. i'll keep my eyes open for a black one for you, and an almond one for me! :p

    currently online, i know NM and BG have quilted blakes in both almond and black for retail price. none online at NAP, saks, bluefly, eluxury, bloomies, thepursestore, bluebee, etc.

    the MJ store in vegas at caesar's palace also had them in stock in about 6 diff colors? so you might try there too...

    i'm just going to keep looking around in the hopes they'll eventually go on sale sometime in the next year or so...hopefully that will be sooner rather than later! :yes:
  7. i've also fallen in love with the taupe quilted blake as well, so if anyone spots an almond or taupe quilted blake on sale, can you let me know?

    thank you!! :p

    (alouette, still keeping an eye on the black ones for you while i do my internet "rounds" searching for the other colors. heehee.)
  8. It's not much of a discount but I got my quilted blake at Bloomies in my area for 10% off b/c it has some scuffs. Good luck.
  9. Almond is a newer color than Cashew/Mouse. White QUILTED Blake on NM's site is from Resort 2005, Taupe is from F/W 05.

    F/W 06: Black, Whiskey, Cashew, Mouse, Emerald, (Graphite)
    Resort 06: Black, White Chiffon, Almond, Saddle Brown
    S/S 07: not planned

    SOFT CALF CLASSIC Blake is still available every season, QUILTED CLASSIC Blake is not being continued for S/S 07. Online & non-MJ stores carry very limited styles/colors, MJ boutiques carrry all the colors but they never go on sale.
  10. thanks for the info, bag.lover! :yes:

    i saw the taupe one (grayish/purplish/beige) at the MJ store in las vegas, along with the almond, black, whisky, white chiffon, saddle brown, etc. my eyes opened SO wide when they brought out all of the colors they had! heehee...