Looking for purple reissue in 226

  1. Hey girls,

    I am desperately looking for a purple reissue in 226 :crybaby:It's for my mom's birthday, which is on March. I tried to suggest other colors but she particularly liked the purple one. She's really sick right now and I just want to try to make her feel better :sad: I tried calling several stores but they are either sold out or there's a long waitlist (as expected). Living overseas doesn't make the hunting any easier (costly phone calls, time difference, etc)
    So please PM me or something if you see one. Thank you! :smile::heart:
  2. ^ vieve, i'm on the waitlist for a purple 226 at some stores and i've got a good feeling about one of them since the waitlist was really empty when i called them a few weeks ago. PM me for the details if you like, though i think the store has not got the bags in 226 yet because otherwise i'm sure my SA would have called. ;)