Looking for purple Majorelle

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  1. Hi, I am usually wandering around the Jimmy Choo threads, but have fallen in love with a YSL bag. Since I recently just released myself from a ban. (What a horrible timing I have.) I would LOVE to find a great deal on a purple Majorelle? Though I haven't seen it in person yet, so I don't know what size I would like. Is there a Lilac patent one? Or is there just a dark purple? Any information would help. TIA!
  2. Thanks for all that help! I think I'm going to risk my chances and try to find a Medium one in SF this weekend. That way I can see if the size is right for me. I can't stop thinking about it... ahh!
  3. I went today, they didn't have the purple one that I wanted, so I picked up a black patent one. Thanks for all the help ivydog and gr8heart. =)
  4. :nuts:Sorry to here you could not find the purple Majorelle, but CONGRATULATIONS on getting the black one:love:! How wonderful!!! :woohoo:

    Please post pics if you have the chance! Thanks!