Looking for pretty and delicate looking bras

  1. Anyone knows where to find nice bras? not the basic ones, more like fancier ones with lace and stuff (but not slutty looking).
    or any brand to recommend? bralette should do just fine too

    - P
  2. I usually buy my bras from Figleaves cause they have a large selection. For nice bralettes I like Honeydew. The have lacy ones in nice colors and are really soft.
  3. I really like the brand Simone Perele, which they sell at figleaves and also other places (greatexpectation.biz has a good selection). Simone Perele is also nice because they make multiple different style bras and panties in each fabric/color, so you can pick the styles for top and bottom that you like best.
  4. La Perla
  5. Thanks girls :smile: I'm checking figleaves right now.
    I love La Perla.. too bad they're so expensive (I'm still a college student :crybaby:).
  6. I usually buy them at Nordstrom. There is a brand called Felina sold there that makes sexy inexpensive bras in both smaller and larger cup sizes. I think they run around $30-40. They are great bras but aren't as supportive as some brands like Wacoal if you are larger chested.
  7. I don't care about support or push up bras.. quite happy w/ my modest sz chest.. so I think I'll check Felina when I go to Nordstrom.

    Simeno Perelle bras looks so pretty.. I like them already(dang.. this is going to dent my wallet.. again).
  8. I always go for La Perla, I.D Sarrieri, Kiki de Montparnasse, Agent Provocateur and Chantal Thomass. Its pricey but I love lingerie .. I would rather have beautiful lingerie than couture clothing :confused1:, so I buy a lot of bra/panty/garter sets.

    Most of my lingerie shopping occurs at the nancy meyer shop in seattle for La Perla and I.D Sarrieri. They also have an online store http://www.nancymeyer.com/

    for something a little more naughty I go for Kiki or AP but I much prefer the quality of the other brands I listed.