Looking for plum kid on sale, please help!

Nov 16, 2006
Hi everyone,

It's been brought to my attention that the Plum Kid is part of the Nordstrom 40% off pre-sale. Can anyone verify this and if so, is it still available in stores? Also, how does this pre-sale exactly work? Do you get the discount upfront or do you buy now and get the price adjusted on Friday? I'm sorry I'm just a little confused and new to some of this stuff. Thanks for any help you can provide!
Sep 22, 2006
Yes, it is part of the pre-sale. Call around to different stores and find a SA that will do a database search for you. They can search stores inventory around the country. I called VA this morning and that store happened to have one in stock. You basically give them all your info and they will charge your card on Friday and ship the bag out to you....or you can pick it up. Hope that helps and good luck!