Looking for PLOMB in any style??

  1. i'm looking for a plomb bbag in any style ...please let me know if there is any out there. TIA!!
  2. yup i saw this one. i don't think it would cross over my big winter coat!!
  3. ^^ actually, i bet it would fit just fine girl!!!...it fits easily over my big, puffy northface jacket...they've got them @ "Barney's" nyc, you should go try one on!!! :tup:
  4. i'm really thinking i should drop by tomorrow and see what their inventory is!!
  5. ^^ you should girl, they've got a huge & gorgeous selection right now!!!...honestly, their selection hasn't been this good in ages :wlae:
  6. Realdealcollection.com has a beautiful Plomb parttime w/ gsh - it's gorgeous - I wanted to grab it, but I've bought 3 bags recently and needed to stop for awhile. Corey is great and only sells authentic bags.
  7. sunny- thanks for the link!! i'm thinking of getting GH.

    suzz-thanks for the heads up!! i'm wondering how plomb would look in ggh?
  8. I BELIEVE NM Charlotte had a Day with GSH about a month ago-be sure to describe the color to the SA; they don't have a clue!!
  9. Really? that's great to know because I had a Flat Messenger and one of the things that I didn't care for is the strap. It wasn't long enough for me and I love the Messenger style especially when I'm out shopping so I can have my hands free to fondle the merchandise!:p....thanks bama!!
  10. If you're not able to find what you're looking for at Barney's you could also try calling NM in Short Hills, NJ - I believe they have both the GGH Day and GGH Hobo.
  11. Plomb looks amazing with GGH... here's one of cracker's photos from the Grey Family Pics Thread. Enjoy!