Looking for pink Jumbo flap

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  1. Hi! I'm looking for a pink jumbo classic flap. If you see any in your local stores (boutique, Saks, NM.. etc), please let me know! Thanks!
    PS it doesn't matter what type of leather or color hardware.
  2. Saks in Naples Florida has a pink glazed jumbo lambskin, with SH. $2650
  3. helpppp, do you guys know anywhere else to get this, aghh my sis suddenly loves it and her bday is coming, they dont have it anymore in naples hiks...
  4. hiks, i am planning to use 400 gc, i am comfy with ebay if the price is better than retail but if the price is almost the same or higher, no no no. thankyou itsmyworld =))) anybody else seen it on saks or bg? please please... or jumbo YELLOW is also fine.. thx u so much ladies.
  5. ^^try contacting Saks Online CS. They will be able to tell you which branch has the item you're looking for... just as long as you have the UPC# of the particular bag you want.
  6. i tried that with chanel code number but the saks people asking for SKU number which i dont have hiks anybody knows the saks sku number for pink or yellow jumbo flap from ss08? thx u so much ladies
  7. I got this info from an auction on ebay. The UPC # is: 3572621350255
  8. omg thx u so muccccch twochubbycheeks =)))
    kiss2 from one chubbycheeks to another =)))

  9. LOL you're welcome~ GL! I hope you get yours (I am still waiting for mine in the mail! :crybaby:)
  10. Thanks everyone..