Looking for Pink Cherry Blossoms port monaie,mirror and addressbook

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am looking for LV pink Cherry Blossoms, so far I have the PTI, cles and the pochette. I am looking for the coin wallet, mirror and address book. Any ideas where to check? Haven't seen much on eBay..where else?:search::wonderingResale shops, eshops etc??? Does anyone know? Thank you...for your help:idea:! Kind regards,doc
    Cherry Pinks LV 036.jpg
  2. I shouldn't tell you because I'm going to be jelly if you get it!! Lol!

    I saw the address book at karenkooper.com but I couldn't justify getting it at the price she has it for. You can check it out to see if it's still there!
  3. OH Thank you ladies! I will go and look! Have a super day!