Looking for Pink and Green Pocket Squares

  1. Hello all,

    Are there any fairly current pink and green pocket squares?
  2. There is a pink La Danse and a blue and green Fleurs de Lotus on hermes.com. I am sure you will find several in the stores....are you looking for mens or womens styles?





    The boutiques will have various selection from this and other seasons...
    There is the biblioteque in greens and olive tones that it current as well...I know there are others but I cannot think of specifics at the moment....
  3. I saw the pink La Danse scarves on the website. I wanted to know if anyone knew of any scarves from previous years. I know that they have older seasons in stores. If I can't find one with pink and green, I plan to go with the pink La Danse. It's so pretty. I'm looking for women's styles. I'm planning to purchase as gifts for myself and a couple of friends.