Looking for pictures of Stams and Hudsons

  1. Any color - any size - if you own it - can I see it? Thanks again!
    (modeling shots a plus!)
  2. I am so bad at adding photos, so here are some links....I hope they work:

    White Chiffon and Bronze Stam



    Plum Mina and Military/Rubino Hudson


    I am looking for a pic of my black Stam. I thought it was there, but I don't see it.
  3. ^
    love your Military/Rubino Hudson! Rock those red stripes girl!
    p.s. I also took a peak at the rest of your bags...nice collection!
  4. Thanks for the compliments. I love my Hudson. It is such a great bag and I don't see that color around too often. I would love another (or two) in black and maybe white. I think it is a really great looking bag, but completely functional, too. It is one of my fave MJ styles. I wish it would stick around for future collections.

    I have to take updated pics. I won a couple of MJ's on E-bay this week, so I am going to have to add them to my pics.

    But, back to the Stam and Hudson. Both are such great bags. You can't go wrong with either.:tup:
  5. i am dying for a hudson......since i am so new at the MJ rather than MBMJ ...should i dare hope that hudson's will go on sale?????
  6. rorosity, all of your bags are gorgeous particularly your bronze stam and rubino hudson.

    the hudson is very popular and an older style. it was released last fall. while there are still a few available at the mj boutiques, none of them are on sale and probably will not be. however, if you are as lucky as melly, you might find one at a Nordstrom rack. the chilli hudson no less! that's my dream right there.
  7. i cant believe melly found her hudson at NR. so lucky that girl is! :smile:
  8. Wow, a Hudson at Nordstrom RacK??? That is amazing. There is only junk at my Nordstrom Rack. That is totally lucky.

    This thread is making me want another Hudson.
  9. this might be a double post bc my computer is acting crazy...

    anyway, why does the Chili Hudson have the teal leather interior in all compartments, yet the Chestnut has teal in the middle, and canvas on the zipped areas? Am I crazy?
  10. ^ the mj boutiques carried a limited edition version of the hudson where the entire interior was lined in teal green leather. the versions that was sent out to department stores only has the middle compartment lined with leather.

  11. Thank you so much for that info!!!! :smile: