Looking for pics of men with b bags

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  1. There are plenty of pics with women with b bags (and you are all beautiful ;)) but I don't see too many men with b bags. Maybe you can convince either your bf/dh to take a pic with your b bags (or his, if he has one or two or more) i want to start a separate picture gallery on my blog for men with b bags (with your permission of course, you'll be credited with the pics)

    anyone out there?:idea:
  2. 1104061250 (2).jpg

    here's me with an old flame i sold on ebay :crybaby:
  3. I like this thread..because I love men and I love bbags..so this will give me kicks. If you guys can, put a picture of chocolate too. 3 great things combined together...

  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. with my ink messenger:

  6. Great
    I would love that also.
    U can look at my treads there is one with my collection:love:

  7. That pic is hot....um, at the Victoria's Secret store I see...
  8. I like your blog, sgaotw. You have a lovely sense of humor!
  9. thank you ronda! i have to censor myself sometimes...hehe

    whoever wanted a hot man carrying a balenciaga bag eating chocolate...im working on it lol
  10. Thanks for sharing your awesome pic!
    The INK messenger is so COOL on you!!!
  11. Here's me with my greige Balenciage Weekender...


  12. Hi Pradaprince
    Are U still on toast and bakked beans, U can come to me in Holland for christmas dinner.:graucho:

    Merry Christmas to UUUUUUUU FX:wlae:
  13. nicole-scherzinger-talan-torriero-06.jpg

    Talan Torriero (reality TV star) carrying a B-Bag
  14. nice pics!!!!
  15. What a great thread!