looking for pics and stories about the new leather carlys in red and brown?

  1. i am going to start a new thread to ask if anyone has pics and can share how the feel about their red or brown leather carlys? :smile: I was never too into carlys until i saw these 2 and i think i may have to get one! the red looks amazing but i have like 5 red bags so i cant decide

    either way i would love to see pics :smile: thanks! xo Bessie
  2. Slush I have the brown leather Large Carly. Here are some pictures of me modeling in natural light. I have not carried it yet though as I am carrying my Bleekers Laced Flap No. 11446 and my Bleeker Lge Duffle No. 11423. I think that I will carry it when the weather gets cooler and I start wearing boots. I do think that the brown Carly is a lovely bag though.
    IMG0001_21.jpg IMG0001_12.jpg IMG0001_13.jpg IMG0001_14.jpg
  3. oh thankk you liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its beautiful! wow! the leather looks so nice and what a rich color :smile: thanks for the pics!

    now someone show me some red leather carlys :smile:
  4. Bessie: Here are some pictures from a thread from messengerbaglvr. She has the Carly in Chili Red. Here is the link to the thread. Good luck deciding as they are both gorgeous bags.


    Messengerbaglver I hope that you don't mind that I repasted your photos in this link. Thanks Liz

    drum rull please, without further ado, here they are. She's a beauty! I've got to run to cheerleading, but I will be back to answer questions later. Enjoy!
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  5. heyy bessie welcome back long time no see where you been??? the kooba boards???
  6. KATRYNAR HEY GIRL!!!!!! :smile: i know ive been MIA for a while i was in the general handbags, kooba, and just lurking more then posting for a while how r u! :smile: xo

    LIZ! thank you so much you satisfied all my needs right then and there hehe :smile:! thank you wow what a tough choice!
  7. Wow, LizCordova, the leather on your Carlys looks amazing!!!! I :heart: Coach Carly......:love:

    helpl!!!slush, you should definitely join the Carly club....you will so be glad you did. It's such a lovely bag! I have a sig, but that leather is amazing!!!
  8. i m ok... still here! glad ur still here!!
  9. Did you buy one???? Do tell!!!!!!
  10. Bessie, the both are sooooo nice but the red is jaw dropping!