Looking for photos (White MC with old vachetta)

  1. I have always wondered what White MC bags look like with very old vachetta (dark patina). Do they still look good? Does anyone have any pictures? I am trying to decide between white MC and black MC. I favor white MC, but in my mind, black MC ages a little more gracefully because of the vachetta.

    Thanks ;)
  2. I don't have any pictures, but I personally think the white MC looks much better with a dark patina.
  3. :yes: agree!
  4. yes! i really want to see come dark patina on a white multicolor bag if anyone has any pics available ^_^
  5. HTH,

  6. those 2 bags are gorgeous!!!!
  7. I like the Multicolor with the dark patina.
  8. now, after seeing how beautiful patina CAN look on MC I am definitly going to use my keepall:biggrin:DDDD

    thank you ladies1
  9. I like black MC with patina, but prefer the white MC to have lighter leather.
  10. Go on my photos that LV_addict put up for me in the showcase, it shows all my MC's black and white with their patina. I think it is more noticable on the white. But then again, I would never let it deter me from owning the black. It's all good!
  11. Dark patina does look good on white MC, thanks for the pictures!
  12. I think dark patina on white brings out the color more!!!:love:
  13. I think the dark patina is pretty on the MC.
  14. [​IMG]
    I actually prefer the darker patina on all LV bags, but even moreso on the white MC.
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