Looking for pelham

  1. Hi I am trying to find a pelham for a relative of mine. She wants the brown monogram with brown straps. I believe this is about a year or so old . Do they have these on sale anywhere? Are they in the outlets? Are there any good ones on eBay right now? I dont think she would mind used but in good condition if I went that route. Thanks for helping.
  2. You won't find it on sale at the outlets. It is a classic style. You could find a used one on eBay but eBay is flooded with many fakes as it is a very popular style.
  3. I have looked at ebay and no one has clear pictures of the serial# or pics of it at all. It seems they are all very low feedback sellers also. Do any on ebay look promising to you
  4. you could ask the seller for more pics of the bag in the listing. there are no brown trim pelhams on ebay that seem promising as of now. keep checking.

    also you can try www.bagborroworsteal.com and go to their outlet section. they sell gently used or never worn bags.

    as kavnadoo has stated this is a highly faked bag so be very careful and take advantage of the 'authenticate this gucci' thread.
  5. I posted one in the ebay/web deals sticky.
  6. i found that last night sneez thanks... The person is in singapore so I sent her the link not sure if she wants to order from overseas.
  7. I have a Pelham. I just checked. www.neimanmarcus.com has them.