Looking for pearl necklace with cosmetic charms - shorter length

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find the shorter version of the pearl necklace that has the lipstick, nail polish, compact etc charms? There is a longer version for over $2000k and bracelet - but I am interested in the shorter version of the necklace. Its pearls with a few of the charms. TIA!
  2. hmmm interesting...hadnt heard about this model at all and ive seen the order guides at BG, NM, Saks, and Chanel boutiques...

    to my knowledge there is only one with charms and pearls which is 2125 USD...and then there is a belt version which is 1500 USD or so but has no pearls and just metal with some charms...
  3. ^ Thanks. I think someone on the forum purchased one - I will see if I can find the picture. Maybe she lives overseas.
  4. ^^okies :smile: would love to see pics!!
  5. the only other one i know of are the single pendant necklaces with 1 charm of the lipstick or perfume or compact, etc...