Looking for Patent Jumbo

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  1. Does anyone know if they still carry navy or black patent jumbos in the boutiques? I really like them from seeing pictures of them, but I would like to see them in person before purchasing one of them.
    Thank you for everyone's help lately, I'm sorry if I seem indecisive I just want to be absolutely sure to get the perfect first Chanel for me because I definitely won't be getting another one for a long time.
  2. Nordstroms at the Topanga mall has a black patent jumbo in the goat skin patent leather about 2 days ago
  3. You can also try Ebay, I've seen a few there
  4. BLoomingdales at NY still has the evening star jumbo
  5. They still have the patent black jumbo in Topanga, I was there last night!
  6. i saw a black patent jumbo at the boutique in sf a couple of weeks ago, not sure if its still there
  7. Palm Beach Chanel has black jumbo in the classic style and the one with the heart cc closure. I bought the bordeaux from Jillian because I saw her name on tpf. That reference list is so much easier now! LOL
  8. Bergdorf Goodman has the patent jumbo with SH and the medium one as well.