Looking for Original Bella?

  1. Again: how is this new without tags, and then it says "This bag was hardly used" .
  2. Is it real though? I can't quite tell what color the hardware is.....

    The seller went into pretty much detail describing it - multi-colored zippers, green lining - but doesn't mention the colored hardware at all, one of the most unique features! I wrote and asked....
  3. :shrugs: hardware looks authentic - light blue links & green zipper pulls... can't really make out in the pic but looks like the rivets are green too, which is correct.

    and she still has the key ring on the strap on the front where i'm guessing the qee came off of lol.
  4. In the 1st picture you can see the hardware is blue.
    When I saw it first I was like 'oh fake', but then I looked harder and I'm pretty sure it's blue and not silver. :wlae:
  5. Yeah, I see blue. I think it's real, just been used a few times hahhahh because yeah, it's not NWT...doesn't even have a qee on it.
  6. It was mee looking for it!!!! I like this one. We'll see though- 6 days does a lot.
  7. Other than the fact that it doesn't have the qee & shiny chain..it would be excellent for you, Sempre! EMO DUDE! yayyy lol.
  8. yup yup yup....but I have a back up plan incase b/c I want meomi!
  9. yeah i want a meomi too :sad: haha the one i got didnt come with instead it came with a tokidoki borin qee :lol:
  10. I had a meomi, but my bf wanted it so I gave it to him. He like the snowboarder guy as supposed to the one that comes on all the bags. He said the white one is a bit weird since it has a head and another face of a flower on it. I wished toy2r came out with new stuff for the toki bags
  11. I'm looking at the one from eBay. I hope it doesn't go too high, or I'll probably end up ordering from HI. I hope someone will sell theirs cheaper on LJ or something

  12. Me too :yes:
  13. Tehlilone, you're so good at finding these!!