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  1. Alma bb in Epi or DE or NeoNoe mono/noir?

    collection already includes Palermo GM, Sienna MM DE, Neverful MM DE, Croisette DE, and PM reverse.

    SA says I need some Epi in my life LOL! And I might use the Alma more because of the size but I really like that NeoNoe as well. Thoughts?
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  2. Alma in epi definitely.

    You already have a small bag in DE. Sienna and Neverfull are larger bags a la NeoNoe.
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  3. Thank you!
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  4. Np
  5. If you would use the Alma more then definitely go with that one.
    It really is a great size, and can be worn causally or dressy, especially in Epi.
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  6. Def Alma bb, usually I would say DE but you already have a lot. Go for epi!!!
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  7. As much as I love epi and I have an Alma BB in epi, it’s my least used bag. Hard to get in and out of if wearing crossbody. I’d go for the Neo Noe noir.
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  8. I have an Epi Alma and use it more than my speedy 25b. I find it carefree and holds just right of stuff. I sometimes drape the strap around the handles.
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  9. If you can fit everything in an alma bb, it’s a great bag. I might suggest the epi since you already have ebene but you really can’t go wrong. I have plenty of ebene and I still got the alma bb in ebene
  10. Not a fan of the Alma bb, get the Neo Noe.