Looking for opinions on my Ann Demeulemeester HG boots!


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
I just bought these boots from eBay, they have been my HG boots for months and months. The problem is by the time I saw them in a magazine they were sold out everywhere. So eBay was my only option.

I heard that they ran small, so I bought a 7.5 instead of my usual 6.5 in other shoes. They are a little big, especially when I push my heel all the way back. But when I walk, my foot moves forward and they look like they fit me better.

You can see in the pics where my heel doesn't go all the way back ... so my question is, do they look ridiculous on me?

I should also note that they aren't in as fabulous condition as I would have liked and like the seller described. If I keep them I'll have to take them to the shoe repair to get them spiffed up.

Opinions please! Thank you!



Feb 1, 2009
They look okay...can you walk in them? I tend to trip over the toes whenever I wear a shoe that is too large. I have these in black and it looks the same in the toe area as yours. (I bought my true size). You might try a full insole pad--just cut back the toe area so you can't see it--that will take up some of the extra room. It'll make them even more comfortable too! HTH


Nov 3, 2008
In my opinion they look too big, but I am really fussy about having too much of the shoe showing in the front.

Weird that you read that these boots run small -- when I was researching them a few months ago I read the exact opposite! I do love the color of the brown though.
Jun 26, 2007
IMO they look big! there is a lot of extra space in front of your toes. But maybe when you are walking it won't look so noticeable since your feet will naturally forward a little bit


Nov 22, 2006
I don't like it when toes over hang in sandals, so I think these open toe boots look fine on you but the only thing I would be worried about would be walking out of the boot.
Oct 21, 2008
They're a fab pair of shoes and the fit looks near enough to my eye - and I'm a fit obsessive.

I'd keep them unless you find the slipping forward when you walk annoying.

I have these in black by the way and I bought a whole size down from my usual IT size, though half a size down would have been OK too.

FYI they were re-released a few weeks ago on some UK and European online stores, so if you have to let these ones go you might find that your ideal size comes by again.