Looking for opinions on crossbody mini Cuir

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  1. I am looking for opinions of anyone who may own the mini Cuir crossbody. I love mini bags & love the Cuir line, but need something smaller than the ones I have. TIA
  2. I have a black one which I use as a shoulder bag by tying extra knots on the part of the strap inside the bag. I'm petite at 5'1" and prefer to carry the bag this way. So far I have used it to dinner on nights when I really want to go light. It is quite roomy - can fit my long wallet, my iPhone 6, a pack of tissues and a bottle of sanitiser.
  3. I have 2 and I really like them. Like smokieDragon, I just make a knot inside to adjust the length of the strap. I often use them as a catch-all pouch in my bigger bag. Sometimes when I know that I will do some errands after work or watch my kids at one of their sports activities, I put wallet, keys, phone into it and leave my work bag in the car. It's also one of my traveling essential: as a pouch for stuff or small bag.

    Only thing I wish they have is a slip/zipper pocket inside.
  4. I have two and I'm looking to add more. A lot of the straps on Longchamp bags are too long for me so I really appreciate that I can adjust the strap exactly to my liking. Having the zipper at the back of the bag makes me feel more secure.
    I use it mostly when I need to carry just the essentials (cards/cash, phone, lip balm, keys), like running a quick errand or going out to dinner. The front pocket is too small for a phone so I keep my Foulonné cardholder in there; it's a perfect fit.
    I've also used it while traveling, to keep all the important stuff (essentials + passport, boarding pass) close to me.
    If you're thinking about getting the mini cuir I definitely recommend it; it's been a very useful bag for me.
  5. Thank you all! I bought the Cyclamen on SPS with the 20% off code!
  6. Congrats!! Glad you got one!

    As an update, I recently used my Mini Cuir as a crossbody for travel! Fantastic little bag :smile:
  7. My order was just cancelled! They said they cannot get another bag in Cycleman:sad:. I had to bite the bullet and order from my boutique- luckily the had only one in stock.

    I'm kicking myself for not purchasing it at the Duty Free shop, a few weeks back.