Looking for Nordies & macys Codes

  1. I am looking for free shipping codes for regular merchandise for Nordstrom and Macys. Anyone?
  2. Nordie's is $5 flat rate standard shipping all the time.
    I don't have a free code, but that's almost free.
  3. Thanks chic! What I need is relatively inexpensive but there is no Nordies here :sad:
  4. I have a macy's code that came in the mail let me look around for it
  5. Thanks Bella!
  6. Anyone have any free shipping Macys codes?
  7. If you buy a certain amount of makeup at Macys, shipping is free....
  8. there is free ship w/ shoes at Nordies right now.
  9. Sonya...thanks! I am buying a bunch of clinique stuff!

    Ally: I wonder if buying Uggs cleaning/conditioner would count? LOL
  10. If you're only buying Clinique, there is free ship promotion now at gloss.com for 1 day. No code required.
  11. I have an email for free shipping on orders over $100 at Macy's for signing up as a new customer. Not sure if the code will work for anyone else tho or if it is like Sak's and email specific? You could always sign up under a different email address to get the new customer offers! :graucho:
    The only one I see that I have received for Nordes is the shoe thing someone else mentioned.
    Wish I was more help! Have fun purchasing!
  12. Thanks all!
  13. The Nordys discount is only availible for employees. Good luck with your purchases.