Looking for non-low rise jeans

  1. I am really getting tired of all the super low rise jeans, does anyone make a nice jean in regular waist (or just not too low?). I like my sevens and my COH, but I have a bit of a tummy (had 4 kids) and I hate that look of a little bulge :shame: .
  2. I actually got a pair of 7s a few months ago that I find really comfortable and are not nearly as low as the R&Rs I had been wearing. All I can see on them is that they say "bootcut" and there is a patch on the right rear waistband with copper-colored metallic stitching, like these eLUXURY - 7 for all Mankind - Stretch Bootcut Jean with Patch, Dakota 7

    but I'm not sure if that is them or not :shrugs:
  3. I found the best fitting non-low riese jeans at all places....Banana Republic. They are the dark rinse boot cut. They fit like a charm. In the description is says fits below waist, but they really don't. I got 3 pair and so did 2 of my friends looking for non-low rise jeans. Best of all - only $39.99:yahoo:

    Here is the link:
    Check out these too: BananaRepublic.com

    if they don't have your siize check your local store or call BR in Washington DC (Georgetown location), they had TONS!!!
  4. Joe's Jeans in "The Muse" cut
  5. Paige Hidden Hills
  6. ITA. These are a wardrobe staple for me and have a nice boot cut and hit just below my belly button.
  7. Levi's 518 jeans-even though they are named "superlow", they are much better and easier to sit in than any of my "high-end" jeans and look just as good.
  8. I love my Salt Works Mulberry cut jeans. They are considered "medium rise" but they come up almost to my belly button. They are super flattering.
  9. Cheap monday, just got a pair at Barney's NY and they have them on Aloharag.com, they're fun!
  10. Diesel just comes out with a new style but I don't know what it's called.
  11. jbrand has mid rise fits as well
  12. I have a pair of Joe's Muse fit and I love them. They sit right below the belly button and I wear those during that time of the month.
  13. Once again, I will suggest Lee. They make several styles in a very moderate rise, not mom jean rise, though they may make those too - they have so many different models, but the ones I like are just a bit below navel level.