Looking for NEW York White flap bag

  1. I am sorry, but I can not remember the exact name and description. I know you ladies know.. I was in a thread a few weeks ago and I said I wanted... I was waiting for the perfect bag to strike my EYE and I think that is the one..
    They came in white and back.. And I remember in the thread it was really big and heavy-- I am looking for BIG BIG BIG !!!!
    Do any of you ladies remember- I tried to search thread- but drew a blank on the name and stuff... I want the white one..
    Help please....:crybaby:
  2. ok i remember a lil bit- the paris flip bag in white
    with the zipper on the outside..
    i am so confused..
  3. Was it like Smoothoprter's below??
  4. yeah thats the one... I found it on another thread...
    Does anyone know where I can get one.. I'd prefer no EBAY..
    Had one to many bad experiences purchasing things that were FAKE
  5. thanks pink petunia
  6. ^^That is the Paris/New York line.
  7. They are completely sold out at the boutiques. I don't know if the department stores have any floating around. eBay may be your only avenue.
  8. Ack! I was wondering the same thing...(in black). Aww, figures they'd be all sold out. Yep, no ebay for me either......Back to the drawing board....:rolleyes:

    Btw, out of curiousity...Is it bulky under your arm...like too wide...Is it a problem?? Or is it comfy..? Just wondering..

    TIA! ;)
  9. the sad thing for me, is i never seen this in the store and I goat least once a week.. i missed this whole line.. I would have bought the purse and the wallet.. I am looking for the perfect wallet...
    well back to the drawing board...i am going to MIAMI for New Years.. maybe I will luck up then..
  10. if not- vegas in February lol
    i got a few dollars store away for my big purchase
  11. If you are interested in black I can help you find one.
  12. I think I saw this bag in white (off white) at NM in Palo Alto, CA on Tuesday.
    Call Linda at 650-329-3300 X2111.
  13. I have the wallet and it's awesome!
    I'd love to get the flap too.
    It's really big but fits nicely.
  14. Thx Smoothoprter:yes: ....I'll have to remember that..I'm still searching around for some other bags that might catch my eye; see what I can find.

    Thx again!

  15. Unfortunately they are sold out all over the country. Neiman's is out, and the boutiques did not buy it. Your best bet at this point would be to try Saks or Nordstrom. Good luck!