looking for new shoes

  1. Ok I want a cute new pair of shoes. I am hopefully getting a pair of Cute jimmy choo's on friday!

    But I was on ebay and saw all these. I can't decide. If I wasn't buying the Jimmy choo's on friday I would buy all or alot of these but I can't go to over board. Which one or two should I get?






  2. I like the last one. How come these shoes are so cheap? Are they well made? But oh well, they look really cute!

    Please take pic of your choo !!
  3. I have bought this brand of shoe before they are great and they last!

    I haven't gotten the choo's yet I have to wait to buy till friday! (have to wait for a check! :sad: I spent to much money the last check LOL)

    these are the choo's I am buying

  4. ohhh i love the choos.. where do you live? would the climate/ temperature allow you to wear those in the fall? the others shoes are ok only really liked the last pair....
  5. I vote for 1 and 5.
  6. My favorite is also the last.

    Why don't you just get them all since they are pretty inexpensive? (And even add another -- a whole weeks worth of shoes!) It's your birthday and if you like them all, SPLURGE!