Looking for new bag

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  1. Big birthday coming up. I'd love a new bag. So far I have a Verona, Amarante MM and Totally. There's so many styles to choose from - I will tell you what I like - I especially love Totally because it's roomy and has great inside pockets. Verona was put away for summer but now I'll be rotating it - love my Amarante- gorgeous big bag. So what's next? I'm stuck. I will also say I'm over 50 if that matters. :sad:
  2. What bag do you have in Amarante? I thought this was a color and not a bag, correct me I'm wrong?

    My suggestions; alma, bloomsburry (crossbody), empreinte speedy with strap, artsy
  3. What about a Mon Mono NF? or a Hampstead MM or Galleria in Azur?
  4. How about a Westminster GM, it has great pockets inside too and it’s a good size tote.
  5. Sorry I left out the bag style. Alma MM in Amarante. I do like the Westminster but it's it so similar to the Verona?
  6. Speedy bandolieure!
  7. Yea, maybe a little. Do you prefer monogram? How about azur or leather? What's your budget? Do you prefer shoulder or hand carry?
  8. Go for Trevi!
  9. new speedy
  10. Speedy!! Every woman needs at least one. :smile:
  11. What about a bag in leather . . . . empriente, mahina, epi, or sc?
  12. Is your Totally in Mono or Azur? If it's Azur, maybe you could go for mono Speedy B.