looking for Navy Reissue 226!! please help!

  1. Hi girls!
    i am looking for the navy reissue in the 226 size for myself and a friend of mine.
    if anyone knows where one (or two hehe) might be available.
    please please PM me ! thank you!:heart:
  2. Are you looking for patent? There is one coming out in April some time (at least that is what my SA told me). I think I saw one on eBay it looks like there is two compartments in it (can someone confirm).

    There are some blue classics out at the moment though..
  3. If you're not already on a wait list for the navy reissue, you are probably out of luck.

    Did you get your purple and green reissues the other day? You already have the brown, right? You must be going for the "rainbow" of colors.
  4. never mind, wrong info.
  5. B, you might want to try my SA in Paris. I think she should be expecting more navys to come in and if you ring her up and leave her your details, she'll call you when the bags come. ;) Would you like me to PM you her details?

    I'm not sure if my other SA in Texas still has any more navy 226s, but I could also PM you his details if you like. I might give him a ring later, so I'll ask him if he has any in stock. :yes:
  6. hi! i just talked on the phone with Delyse, i think she's from Saks, and she mentioned that she has one available right now. give her a call... 248 808 0712...goodluck! she's a very nice SA.
  7. ^ I was under the impression that Saks didn't bring in the navy in the 226 size. :confused1: I might be wrong thought but Delyse is an absolutely wonderful SA. :yes:
  8. uh-oh...we (delyse and i)were talking about the purple reissue and the size was for the 225 (as you know not one of the size im looking for huhu) and priced at around $2495, and she said that there's a navy available that's bigger...i hope i didn't misunderstood.

    try to contact Kiet Chu, kietchu@gmail.com tel. no. (281)748-0277, he just emailed me a while back (thanks to zerodross, but still no purple reissue for me! boohoo), and he said that he has 1 navy available, but he didn't mention any size.

  9. Delyse is probably talking about the Navy 228. I was on the waitlist for that but had to cancel becausse my 227 came in the mail yesterday.