Looking for nautical...

  1. Marc J's bag..
    there was a post not long ago..( someone had purchased one) it was a shoulder bag/stripped

    I have seen it on Saks/Neimans and now cant locate it..
    any ideas... thanks
  2. Was it a Marc by Marc Jacobs purse?
    Satchel with dark navy and white stripes (thin stripes)?

    Last time I saw it, it was available on Zappos.com. :smile:
  3. Yes, that is the one..
    hmmm i cant seem to locate t there.. let me check again..
  4. It's made of a denim-type fabric but striped, right? If so, I saw that bag at Saks in San Francisco last week. It was not in the handbag department but upstairs in the contemporary designers department. They had a couple of them. Number for Saks SF is 415-986-4300. Good luck!
  5. thank you,

    I just looked on zappo and its sold out right now :sad: maybe i'll see if i can get a friend to locate/it at saks and ship it to me..

    thanks again.
  6. I saw it at NM in Orlando. It is ADORABLE. good luck.
  7. thanks :smile:
  8. Bag Fetish,
    I just returned mine to Zappos because of the color transfer problem (the dyes in the bag will bleed onto lighter color clothing). So you should keep your eyes peeled there!
  9. omgush no way ..