Looking for my perfect RED! 09 Sanguine, 09 Pourpre, or 10 Sang (or something else)?

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  1. I'm usually a "reader" around here and not much of a "post-er", but I really need some advice.:shame:

    I've been searching to find my perfect shade of red, and it seems so hard! :s Probably because I'm only looking at pictures posted here..
    I've only owned neutral shades of Bbags, and I haven't seen any of the reds IRL so I looked through the Red Color Reference section as well as some of the threads here.
    This is what I've concluded. Please correct me if I'm wrong:

    - Pourpre and Ruby looked like deep reds with slight purple undertones.
    - Sanguine I'm assuming has a little bit of brown undertones?? Either that or a less saturated red than Sang.
    - Coral red and rouge vif seemed to me like red with a little orange tones..
    - Sang and Rouge Theatre to me looks like true reds but different pictures show different shades, so I'm not 100% certain.

    I'm looking for a TRUE RED without any orange or brown undertones. But not TOO bright nor SCREAMS red. Would Sang satisfy my hunger for red? :rolleyes:

    Any opinions or pictures will be much appreciated. TIA!
  2. Sang has a slight orange undertone and also some brown in it - not really a true blue red.

    Pourpre is more of a cranberry with pink undertones. Pretty but not a true red.

    Coral has orange undertones.

    RT and VIF are true reds with RT being the deeper color.

    Ruby is a nice red. Not too bright or too deep. A perfect description for it is the color of fruit punch.
  3. Thanks so much, roey! You cleared up some of the mixed images in my mind.

    See I would have never thought Sang had any orange at all. Now I'm leaning more towards Ruby..

    But I think I'm gonna have a hard time finding a Ruby Twiggy (if it even exists. Haven't seen one anywhere yet!), which is the style I want.
  4. Ruby Twiggies are indeed scarce but keep checking auction sites and you may come across one. Don't rule out RT and VIF if you find the Twiggy in these colors as they're gorgeous too!
  5. Rouge Theatre would be the perfect red!
  6. my favourite red is RUBY ,I LOVE MY CITY TO PIECES :drool: it has no orange in it and it has slight pink undertones
  7. I agree with Roey's descriptions of the colours. And I think from the description of what red you're looking for, Ruby is it. But also, as Roey mentioned, don't rule out (my personal fave) RT. Vif might be a bid too bright :thinking:
  8. RT seems a beautiful deep rich red. I'm also searching for a red Bal bag and if I hadn't made my decision on pourpre (seen IRL) I would definitely go for RT. Good luck.
  9. If you're looking for a true red I would go for Ruby or Tomato. But Tomato is a bright red so if you like it less bright than maybe Ruby will be the color. RT is also very beautiful but it's deeper than Ruby.
  10. Love, love, love ruby! I think it's amazing red. Based on your statement about the type of red that you want (no brown or orange undertones), that's the one I would recommend.
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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    If you are looking for a red that doesn't scream red but is still closer to a true red, Ruby or Sang would be the closest. They are deeper shades than VIF and Tomato. Sang doesn't have orange undertones but rather it is like taking Ruby and adding a tiny drop of brown in the bucket of color. It is just a tiny bit warmer in color than ruby. When I put my Ruby up to my Sang's, it is just like the above. Poupre is the same shade but with much more pinkish berry undertones than Ruby or Sang. Tomato, Rouge VIF are brighter shades of red. Sanguine is on the brownish side with less saturation of a red in it.
  12. The perfect Red in my opinion is Rouge Theatre! I used to have a First, let it go, and now I want it back! :pout:
  13. roey

    You're right! I'll keep them in mind too. I just got excited for ruby when you said "fruit punch"!

    wild child

    RT does look pretty!


    Ooh. Yay for no orange! I did see that little pink undertone, but it didn't seem TOO berry-like. I think I'm up for it!


    Yes, I've looked at VIF compared to other reds, and it did seem a little bright. I think I'm up for either Ruby or RT..


    Another Red bag hunter! Hope you find your perfect red. Good luck to you too!

    purses & pugs

    I saw your collection (truly amaaazing by the way :drool:) and your red family pictures helped me a lot! Tomato does seem bright. I LOVE your ruby work!

    Cate 14

    I'm leaning towards Ruby too. Especially after seeing purses & pugs' Ruby work..


    Ooh! So you own both Ruby AND Sang! Which would you say is more wearable? I'm guessing Sang looks that way because Ruby has that slight pink undertone?


    I'm going to keep RT in mind! Just not sure if I can find one in a good condition.. I hate letting go of bags too! Hopefully you'll get another RT soon.
  14. Thank you all SO SO MUCH! :biggrin:
    Everyone's opinion definitely helped me a LOT.

    My rank so far goes:
    1) Ruby
    2) RT
    3) Sang

    Anyone have pictures? :P

    Sang seems to be the "easiest" one to get since it's recent. I emailed Erica regarding a Sang twiggy and she told me there's a good possibility that she'll be getting one. I remember seeing one on her website some time ago but somebody snatched it before I made up my mind :shucks:. Hopefully she'll post another one soon!

    But I'm officially on the hunt for my red! :nuts:

    Thank you again, ladies!
  15. Ditto! My Ruby City is my absolute favorite bag! The color is a perfect red in my opinion!