Looking for my Holy Grail: 04 S/S Grey City

  1. Hello Ladies,
    I have no clue how to even START looking for this bag. I've been scoring eBay every day for the past few months but haven't found it yet. I live in London which makes it harder. Is there any possibility of getting to this bag (other than eBay?).
    i am seriously desperate!! thanks!!
    04 SS Grey City.jpg 04_grey_city.jpg
  2. You can always get in touch with Corey at RealDealCollection and let her know what you're looking for :yes:
    Only other option is eBay - stuff pops up without rhyme or reason... which can be really frustrating if you're dying for something particular - but then, once in a while, you luck out :smile:
  3. I have no real suggestion to give you on where to find it, but there is pretty reliable rumor that there is a grey coming out in the winter that should be a little lighter than the 05 grey, and i think 04 grey is a little lighter than 05 grey, so it could be a similar color.
  4. thanks sklinks! that's a good idea!
    amiekbs8, i've heard that rumor as well but i think the blue lining makes that specific color so special....i doubt that they'd repeat a trademark like that!