Looking For My First Lv Purchase? Any Suggestions?

  1. Hi!!! I have never carried LV and finally stepped foot into one of their stores and am in love. :heart: I'm looking for a class monogram since I have never had one. I'm specifically looking for a shoulder bag that I can also use during evenings (so something not too big)). I like the beverly mm, popincourt long, viva-cite.... what do you advise should be my first lv monogram bag that can go over my shoulder, i love the manhattan pm as well, but even though im petite, i dont think i can get over my arm if i wear a jacket. anyway, i would appreciate any advice, i have no idea how to pick just one!!! :party:

    here's some links to the bags i mentioned:



  2. i'd go for the beverly mm! very pretty and classy imo :smile: welcome btw!
  3. Hi and welcome to tPF!!!

    I suggest the Batignolles Vertical, Popincourt Haut, Cabas Piano, Antigua Cabas PM, or the Damier Papillon.

    Also... direct links to bags on the main LV website won't work. They're disabled somehow and will just take you to the homepage. ;)
  4. Papillons, Batignolles, Popincourt Haut, Loopings, Cabas Piano, Beverlys, Boulogne, Vavin GM, Lockit Horizontal, Buckets, Tikal GM.
  5. Out the 3 you said I would go for the Beverly.

    Another vote for the Cabas Piano as you can fit so much in it!

    Welcome btw!
  6. The above suggestions are great- for a monogram shoulder bag in particular, I'd recommend the Batignolles Horizontal and Vertical as well as the Cabas Piano and Mezzo. The Beverly is a lovely recent addition as well.
  7. The mini looping is a nice sized shoulder bag, and it holds a lot but is not a large bag. Good luck with your search.
  8. I would get the popincourt haut. It was my first LV and it's a great bag. I have "lent" it to my mother and now want it back!!!
  9. Beverly MM out of the choices you mentioned.

    I also like the Papillon 25/30, Cabas Piano, or Pop Haut.
  10. I'd vote for Beverly MM and Viva cite MM
  11. i like the beverly!!~
  12. The Beverly bag is an awesome bag. I would love to have one, so that is what I would go for.
  13. I like the Batignolles for a shoulder bag.
  14. I vote for the Popincourt Haut!
  15. I recommend the Popincourt Haut - It was my first LV - a birthday present I picked out at the boutique in Boston. What an experience! I'm lovin' it! :queen: