Looking for my first Chanel bag

  1. Hi, all! I am new here and glad to find this place.

    I love chanel stuff, epecially bags. But I really dont have any ideas about the names for their bags. :crybaby: Anyone could tell me the differences between 2.55 and classic? any pictures would be more helpful. :love:
  2. also what about east/west? i am so confused. help, help!!
  3. Check out the Chanel Reference Library. Hope that helps. :smile:
  4. ^just what I was going to say!

    our Reference Library is FUILL of photos, colors, descriptions and prices!
  5. thank you dear. I did, but did not find anything. do you have a link or anything?
  6. oh, really, seems i need to look through again:sad:
  7. That seems a lot easier than having us shoot out random suggestions as to what you might want as your first Chanel bag.

    Here's a link: http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel-reference-library/
  8. thanks all. i have read posts in the library, but still a bit confused.

    i now know that the classic bag comes with a double c flip. east/west is one of the classic bag collection with only single chain.

    but does 2.55 = reissue? why some people's 2.55 with double c flip, while others 2.55 looks exactly the same with reissue?

    many thanks for any help:smile:
  9. helo Teho!!!
    You should contact my SA @ Sak's he can give you the "skinny" on all of your Chanel questions!!!.He walked my husband through many successful purchases!!!!His name is Joseph and you can contact him @ 917-776-9353 or at the store directly but it is sometimes hard to get through.Enjoy!!!

  10. thanks dear, but i am in the uk:crybaby:
  11. Just kind of a funny thing I noticed... you use frownie faces or crying faces in all your posts... cheer up!

    A 2.55 does not equal a Reissue. The classic flaps is often referred to as 2.55 as well (Februrary, 1955, the year they were invented).
  12. thanks dear! :heart:
    so i am still not sure what is the differences between 2.55 and classic flaps.
    went to london today, even the sa in chanel shop could not explain well:yucky:
  13. good luck on finding your first Chanel!!
  14. My first chanel was the Medium/Large Classic Flap in black caviar leather with silver hardware and i love it! It's great for an evening out and also perfect size for daytime use. It's been a standard Chanel piece since 1955 and for good reason, I think. Good luck with your decision!
  15. I noticed that too but didn't laugh until reading your msg.

    teho1821, price hike fiasco for timeless collection is over (hope so). So you don't have to hurry. Just do a lot of researches on this forum, talk to SAs from different boutiques (might add more headache), go to the boutique to try on..compare....touch...feel..., and then you can make your final decision.

    If you take things slow and know what you really want, you will cherish your first Chanel bag for years....how about for life :p