Looking for my first BV wallet (men)

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  1. hi i am looking for a new wallet, hoping for it to be a BV. Do u all have any recommendations, such as pictures and prices? and do their wallets last long? :smile:
  2. did you check out the bv website? the us section has men's accessories and you can check out prices and styles. in this forum check out the collections thread for UCLABOI's lovely wallets. if there is something this season and you are not near a good BV store, i highly recommend my/our SA bryan. bv.luxury@gmail.com
  3. It depends on what kind of material. The most classic BV would be either an ebano or nero intrecciato woven wallet. Then there are the seasonal colors and exotics skins. BV's leather are one of the best. My favorite style is the standard bifold wallet without coin pouch. It is not too bulky, but it still has 8-card slots and 2 bill slots. Prices start at about $350. Do they last long? That will depend on how you use them.

    Check out page 2 (crocodile wallet),8 (ostrich wallets), and 10 (lizard special order wallet) in my collection link for an idea or just go to BV's website for the current seasonal colors. Hope this helps!
  4. uclaboi - that is the one I got for DH...only the weaving is in the center of front and back as opposed to being all-over woven. He really likes it. He has been using it since January and it looks new.
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    I also got the bf the standard bifold wallet without a coin pouch, but in full intrecciato. He's had it for almost a year now, and it still looks great! In fact, while my ebano leather has worn in to look soft, his nero wallet still looks new!
  6. Wonderful! I've just ordered a Ebano Full Intrecciato wallet w/out coin pouch for DH! I'm still keeping him in suspense. Hope that he'll enjoy using his wallet as much as I enjoy using mine!

    Maybe I shall keep it until my little boi is born and tell him it's a gift from little Nigel? :P
  7. congratulations on soon becoming a mama! give him the wallet now.... he should be getting YOU gifts after the birth. i heard it is a carat per hour in labor. hehehehe.
  8. Really?! :yahoo:

    Asian men ain't known for being romantic you know :crybaby:

  9. haha thanks people for the info! but i see posts that say u all ordered a bv wallet in full intrecciato? is that the leather? so that means theres half intrecciato leather, i.e some parts without it? sorry newbie at BV here haha
  10. intrecciato means that it is woven
  11. oh my :sweatdrop:. haha sorry then. then ebano and nero are the colours?
  12. ebano is a chocolate brown and nero is black. it took me awhile to learn the BV terms. let me know if you have any other questions.

    my son has a billfold called the multi club stripe wallet which is intrecciato cervo (deerskin) leather. it is ciment (light gray) and marmo (marble white) from Spring '08 and it is quite lovely!

    the intrecciato wallets are a great investment as they wear like iron and are styled timelessly.
  13. thanks that very nice of you :tup:
    so what colour exactly is baltic, rain and torrent?
    and i saw vintage intrecciato on the website, whats the difference? is it better?
  14. All the colors you refer to seem to be this season's. you can look at others here http://forum.purseblog.com/bottega-veneta/color-color-and-more-color-fw-2009-a-323399.html, or the color reference section of this forum.

    Here is a crack at the colors for you. i don't have samples of wallets, but you can look at the BV website.

    Rain wallet


  15. oh thanks. what about vintage intrecciato? any different feel from the normal one? whats the difference?