Looking for my first Balenciaga--Please Help!

  1. I'm looking to purchase my first balenciaga and need some advice. I've heard that the leather varies b/w years. what years has the softest & thickest leathers?

    also, i think i like the twiggy the most--would this be a good bag to start with? what's a good price for a black twiggy that's used (corners are starting to turn)?

    i'd appreciate any other suggestions too. TIA!
  2. and what's a good price for a near new (used 2x) sandstone twiggy ('07)?
  3. I only own firsts, but really like the Twiggy. I think that's a great choice for you. Twiggies retail for $1100, and I don't think you'd get much of a discount for a nearly new one, particulary in a popular color.