Looking for my 1st MJ!

  1. Hi! I am new here, heard about this forum from MUA :smile:

    SO I would LOVE a MJ bag - here's my top 4 I am looking for:

    *Cherry Blossom Venetia
    *Emerald Venetia
    *Geranium Venetia
    *Butterscotch Blake

    any help would be much appreciated. thanks a lot ladies!! :love:
  2. Hey I replied to your question on my other thread. The cherry blossom venetia was at Saks in Manhattan NY.

    I don't know if they would still have it though because there was only one left. It was $402 after the extra 30% off, i almost bought it too but decided against it. I hope no one bought it. Good luck!!!
  3. missed it :sad: