looking for multicolour mirror

  1. if u are selling multicolour mirror please send me a message and i will by it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks much love:love: :love: :love:
  2. ayla has hers in the markletplace in black... PM her. i kinda like it in white though.
  3. Yes, PM Ayla!
  4. I've actually sold mine, but thanks for all the plugs guys ! ;)

    And Jen, I love the colour combo on that mirror ! So many pinks, it's adorable.
  5. Ayla! Congrats on selling it!!

    Promise to take lots of pictures for us yea? I want to go to Europe!
  6. Of course ! I'm really glad that PF members are helping me make it happen. :love:
  7. Ooohh... it ended and our Fayden bought it! Yayyy another successful PF transaction. :biggrin: