Looking for modeling pics and info on Hampstead GM

  1. Well I'm thinking about getting a damier Hampstead to fit my files and laptop for work. I'm 5 in 6 ft and my laptop is 13 in x 9.5 in x 1.5 in.
    I couldn't see the sides of the Hampstead on vuitton.com, can the bag be opened, does it have the possibility to make it "rectangular" instead of narrowed at the top (buttons etc.) KWIM?
    Also I didn't find modeling pics or pics of a stuffed Hampstead GM.
    TIA :smile:
  2. Ok I found out that there must be buttons to open/close the sides of the bag and thus making the bag square and roomier, according to vuitton.com. Do you love your Hampsteads? Does anyone have pics of the GM worn?
  3. Try looking in the Hampstead Club - I think someone has a GM. I have the MM and love it - I think it could hold a small laptop and it can definately hold files and magazines, but if you need something with a lot of room then definately the Hampstead GM would be the one for you!