Looking for Miu Miu pump...Help please...

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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for the Miu Miu colorblock pump pictured here, however, I want a different color combo. I'm looking for the black, grey and green combo. I have tried Bergdorf, Saks, Barneys, and Miu Miu Madison Ave. Any other thoughts? If someone has seen it somewhere I would appreciate your letting me know!!!!


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  2. Hmmm...I've never seen that combo. The only other versions I've seen are the light pink/ivory and the brown/lavender. I hope you find them!
  3. I LOVE that combo; I could not let go of that shoe when I saw it in Bergdorf a few months ago, I absolutely LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE it! Good luck finding it! :graucho:
  4. Thanks Purplekicks and Abbi! If you see it anywhere else, please let me know!!!!!!!
  5. I've seen this in the flat at barneys. I'd check with them, myabe they have the pump.
  7. netaporter.com has them.
  8. Biondina - I see the pink color combo on Netaporter.com but I am looking for the green color combo. Do you see that combo on Netaporter? thanks so much for the help. I did call Barneys a few days ago and the NY store had a 10.5. I'm looking for a 38. I am hoping for a return.
  9. OMG! Fmd914, this is the pumpt I'm coveting. :nuts: I wanted the pastel pink/beige combo, I think it's called Nudo. I saw them in Paris in several department stores but didn't pay attention to the version you want. They are so funky and whimsical, but I beleive they sold out in many stores now and my plan to buy them on Christmas sale looks unrealistic.
  10. Jo-Mitzi. I know several places in the US still have the color combo you are want. I don't know if any of them ship ex-US, but they will probably start the Christmas sales tomorrow! Good luck with them. I have the color combo I posted and they are very comfortable!
  11. Thanks fmd914 for your advice, :tup: I'll try to get them in England first - going to check out more stores in London next week. If no luck I'll need your help to get the store names to find them in the US. Although after I received wrong CL shoes from the US yesterday (from Saks Fifth Avenue in New York) I feel a bit apprehensive ordering from overseas because it it's not easy to send it back or exchange. I feel totally gutted - $600 with shipping charges! :sad: I tried to call them yesterday and forgot it's was Thanksgiving !

    Sales starting before Christmas in the US, wow, that's early, lucky you are, here most sales start on Christmas day online and on Boxing Day in stores.

    Do they run true to size or large? In my experience when I bought Prada platform shoes recently and they run quite large so I had to go down from the size from 38 to 37 and there is still room in the toe box.
  12. Jo-Mitzi just let me know. I will be happy to help you know where I've seen them in the US. Mine run pretty true to size. The round toe box helps. I think I would have went down a half size, but the heel is high enough that it pushes your foot forward just enough to be true to size.

    I just read your thread regarding the CLs. Sorry to hear about that. Good luck! (BTW - it's hard to get the Saks NY shoe dept to answer the phone even when it is not a holiday!).
  13. Thanks Fmd914, that's very kind of you, I'll PM you. Good luck with your colour combo,and if I see them here in London I'll let you know the shop phone number, if you want to buy them from England if none left in the States.