Looking For Miu Miu Buterfly Bag In Beige/Ivory

  1. Hi guys, by the time i heard about the huge sale at NM, the item i had been waiting to go on sale was sold out....sucks..lol..It is the Miu Miu Leather Satchel in ivory/beige color, some people call it the Miu Miu Butterfly Bag.... Anyways, if anyone happen to see this model at any of the NM stores please..pleasee..please.. let me know asap I posted the link below for reference. I want the exact same one...I really want to buy this beauty..Thanks :flowers:

  2. bookmark the page and check it frequently - you might get lucky and get a return or something.
  3. it's still available on the site
  4. It is there now!! Go go go!
  5. Got it!!! Got it!!!! Got it!!!!!!!!Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Guys thank you sooo much!!!!! So excited, after calling almost all of the NM's stores, i finally got it. After placing my order i was like heck, am i sure i'm not dreaming here??? For the last two days in a row i have been calling trying to find my beaut..Huh...this place is truely an oasis for us purse addicts, a place to get our fix and feel as high as we want....Thanks again you lovely purse angels for going through this rather emotional time with me hahahaha....Now time to celebrate with a glass of wine..Merci Beaucoup!!!
  6. haha too cute! congrats on your purchase. saw it IRL at Barneys in ivory and it is definitely fab!

  7. So cute!