looking for Miroir Gold Papillon in the US

  1. Hi everyone....I am looking for a gold papillon and have been having no such luck finding one...if anyone sees one, can you please put it on hold for me (Jayme) and pm me with the stores info.

  2. Aww, I am still waiting for one too. No luck at the Valley Fair boutique :crybaby:
  3. good luck dear :heart:
  4. waaay to expensive for some of the eBay ones...^^
  5. I have one in my closet! It's not for sale though. Hehe. Good luck finding one, I really love mine. :smile:
  6. Good luck...
  7. thanks everyone! I located one in the Michigan store and it's on the way...I can't wait!
  8. wow:yahoo: congratulations :yes:
  9. oh i dont know if you want to try, but there might be one in SoHo, New York boutique. I think they have the gold pap and the silver speedy
  10. Congrats!

    Don't forget to model w/pics. :flowers:
  11. Congratulations! Gold pap is tdf

  12. Yes. Please do. :smile: