Looking for mini crystal CC earrings

  1. Anyone seen the mini size ones? I think they were just under 200 USD...(around 185 USD) or so...

    They are the classic CC crystal stud earrings in the mini/XS size?

  2. NO, minis...I got the next size up for $250.00 at NM Beverly Hills (got to use a $125.00 gift card - which was nice) but I did not see any of the minis there. Sorry.
  3. i got mine from chanel on spring street a couple months ago
  4. Chanel Ala Moana in Hawaii has them. :yes: They're cheaper than the price in the mainland US too!
  5. I got the regular size from Nordies before...
  6. They have them at Nordstrom in downtown portland....they are so cute!
  7. can someone post i pic of these. i'm dont know much about chanel earrings. TIA
  8. ^There are pics in the accessories thread in the Chanel Reference Library. :yes:

    The mini ones are TINY. When I saw them in person I was kind of shocked. They're cute though.
  9. ohh, I've been looking for these for a year! No luck in person yet.
  10. According to the Chanel boutique in Tysons, VA and my SA at NM, they no longer make the smallest size.

  11. Thanks...i'll take a look at it.